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Website Redesign Rebuilds - When to Update

When it comes to updating your business website in a timely manner, the one rule is this: There are no rules. Deciding whether to update, redesign or reengineer your site should depend entirely on your business goals, objectives and economic considerations, rather than on some superficial time frame pulled out of thin air. We asked him to explain.

Why would I redesign the look and feel of my website but not rebuild it?

A variety of factors can make a redesign worth considering, but here are several that almost always require an update. You've got new branding and color standards, and you need to make sure your new look extends to your website. Your bounce rates are extremely high, meaning people visit but few convert; a well-thought-out redesign can turn this around. Or your business has grown, and plans call for new products and services; your site's design may need to reflect that change. Last, your customers complain about your site, claiming that it looks outdated or doesn't work well.

What developments might require me to reengineer my website from scratch?

The most important one is if your current site doesn't adapt to mobile device screens. Fixing this is an absolute must in today's mobile-driven world. Another would be if your site was originally built using Flash: Apple's iPads and iPhones don't support Flash. That's reason enough to rebuild, but there's another reason: Flash can slow your site down.

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